Audio Visual Production Services

General Sessions and Plenaries

The important gathering point for all your attendees. It’s where your keynote speakers deliver their speeches and the big presentations are made. It’s the setting for your awards ceremonies, your celebratory lunches and dinners. Whether your requirements and budget call for a big, colorful set with all the bells and whistles or low-keyed, workman-like staging, Advanced Solutions knows how to deliver focused, effective large ballroom sessions.

Eye-popping screen images and clear, crisp audio are standard, no matter what your budget. We can keep it simple with a clean, professional stage set designed to keep your audience focused on your presenters and their material. We can add multiple screens, huge, riveting video displays, all kinds of staging, lighting and effects that’ll impress even the most jaded conference-goer. Many clients add IMAG (Image Magnification), a great way for the folks in the back row to feel like they’re right up front.

Breakouts, Workshops, Technical Sessions

No matter what you call them, these nuts and bolts sessions are where your attendees present, learn and communicate in a smaller, more intimate setting. Although these rooms don’t typically get the AV pizzazz that the plenaries do, we know that their AV is just as important. Reliable, bright projection, seamless connection to laptops, screens sized appropriately for the room and audio that doesn’t overwhelm but enables all in the room to hear your presenters clearly.

We recognize that there will probably be a mix of experienced and inexperienced presenters in these sessions. We’ll be there early to help make all the presenters comfortable with the gear and assure that each session kicks off smoothly. Dedicated to your event (unlike the in-house guys), we’ll monitor all the rooms continually all day, ready to jump in quickly should an issue arise.

And remember, we’re part of your team. That means we’re another set of eyes and ears for you. Even when we spot non-AV issues, we’ll respond professionally, solve the problem if we can, and notify you if the issue needs elevating.